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Interest in the role of the human microbiome in health and disease is exploding.

The gut microbiome describes the full array of microorganisms that live in the gut. Most of these microbes supply crucial ecosystem services that benefit the entire host-microbe system. However, studies have shown that disruption of the gut microbiome, either through loss of beneficial functions or the introduction of maladaptive functions by invading microbes, can contribute to disease.

While the collection of microbial genomes, or the metagenome, can provide information relating to the diversity of these microbes, it is not sufficient to detail the function of the microbiome. The unique capability of metabolomics to measure microbiome-derived metabolites sheds light on the biological activity of bacterial communities in ways that other omics technologies cannot.

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • How a functional metabolomics readout of the microbiome can complement other omics approaches to provide a deeper understanding of host-microbiome interactions and how these are impacted by disease and novel therapeutics
  • How the incorporation of metabolomics into drug discovery and development programs can assist in understanding the mechanism of action, safety, and efficacy of novel treatments
  • Metabolon’s new microbiome solutions, including the metabolites SmartPanel™ and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-validated assays, that can provide actionable insights to advance drug development

Join Metabolon experts as they discuss new tools to demystify the microbiome and the complex interactions that modulate human health and drug response.