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About Metal Analysis

Metabolon’s ICP-MS-based Metal Analysis Targeted Panel provides precise measurements of biologically important metal ions in biological samples. In addition to the well-established problems of toxicity associated with several metals, the vital roles these ions play in a variety of biological pathways, whether by catalyzing enzymatic reactions or stabilizing protein structures, are still being elucidated. Intimately intertwined with the proteome and metabolome, metal ions represent an intrinsic piece vital to the holistic understanding of biological phenomena ranging from development through normal functioning and disease. Without an understanding of the roles of these metals, a complete understanding of biological processes is not possible. Metabolon’s Metal Analysis Targeted Panel measures a variety of metal ions ranging from the macro level (ppm), including Na, K, and Ca, to the micro-level (ppb), including Mo, Cu, and Ni.

Metabolomics reveals biological insights otherwise unseen. For a successful metabolomics study, both small molecule discovery and the ability to dig deeper into specific biomarkers of interest are needed to uncover actionable insights that propel new therapeutic developments. A specific combination of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) technology and biochemical expertise is required to identify these biomarkers of interest and develop assays that are sensitive enough to explore them fully.

At Metabolon, we understand the crucial role metal ions play in biological processes, and we’ve established best-in-class expertise for their detection. This panel focuses on the detection of specific metal ions which can be used to enhance biological understanding across preclinical and clinical research.

Metal Analysis Targeted Panel Details

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Metabolite Plasma/Serum/Urine
Na 160,000 µg/L (ppb)
Mg 1000 µg/L (ppb)
K 8000 µg/L (ppb)
Ca 4000 µg/L (ppb)
Fe 40.0 µg/L (ppb)
Cu 40.0 µg/L (ppb)
Zn 40.0 µg/L (ppb)
Al 15.7 µg/L (ppb)
Cr 6.25 µg/L (ppb)
Sr 5.00 µg/L (ppb)
Se 4.00 µg/L (ppb)
Ni 2.00 µg/L (ppb)
Ba 2.00 µg/L (ppb)
As 1.25 µg/L (ppb)
V 1.25 µg/L (ppb)
Tl 0.500 µg/L (ppb)
Pb 0.400 µg/L (ppb)
Mn 0.400 µg/L (ppb)
Cd 0.250 µg/L (ppb)
Sb 0.250 µg/L (ppb)
Co 0.250 µg/L (ppb)
Ag 0.250 µg/L (ppb)
Mo 0.250 µg/L (ppb)
*Lower Limit of Quantitation (LLOQ) varies for each sample type.

Analysis Method and Instrumentation:

Sample Type and Required Amounts
Sample Type Sample Requirements
Plasma/Serum ≥ 150 µL

Others on request

Disclaimer: This method is for Research Use Only and is not to be used for diagnostic purposes. The sample requirements listed are for this specific panel. Additional samples will be required if running multiple panels.

Delivering Absolute Quantification for Research and Biomarker Analysis

Our readily available or custom developed quantitative assays help you achieve your research and biomarker validation objectives with precise and fully validated methods. Our targeted assays and panels cover >1,000 metabolites and lipids across a wide range of biochemical classes, metabolic pathways, and physiological processes, and they can be customized to best fit any application.

Metal Analysis Targeted Panel Applications

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, and there are numerous factors that lead to this and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Metabolomics can illuminate cardiovascular disease at multiple levels. In preclinical studies, such as with cardiomyocytes or heart tissue from model organisms, understanding mitochondrial function, energetics, and redox status can drive critical insights into disease mechanisms. In human studies, metabolomics offers the opportunity to account for well-established CVD risk factors such as cholesterol and complex lipids, while simultaneously profiling thousands of other biochemicals in an unbiased fashion to enable the discovery of novel disease mechanisms and biomarkers.
Cardiovascular Disease


Recognized for our cutting-edge approach to metabolomics, Metabolon has been a valued resource for COVID-19 researchers worldwide. Our actionable metabolomic insights have fueled pivotal and high-profile studies like the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) IMPACC study research to improve understanding of high-risk patients and the Institute for Systems Biology research to improve understanding of high-risk patients. These and other metabolomics projects with actionable insights at Metabolon are helping get closer to the phenotype and pressing forward on COVID-19 answers.


The importance of inflammation in the development of multiple diseases- and health-related conditions including neurodegeneration, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease is undisputed. Metabolomics can inform on inflammatory processes by providing a readout of the small molecules of an organism, tissue, biofluid, etc. This allows for direct molecular phenotyping of inflammation beyond the standard protein markers of typical assays. Metabolon offers several targeted assays, including oxysterols, fatty acids, kynurenine/tryptophan, and a range of others (central carbon, glucose tolerance, branched-chain amino acids, β-hydroxybutyrate) that can also inform on overall cardiovascular health that is often linked with inflammatory processes.


The kidneys are essential for the elimination of waste products, the regulation of osmolality and blood pressure, pH homeostasis, and the secretion of certain hormones. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) often occurs because of other diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The Targeted Assay team at Metabolon has developed multiple assays that can provide insights into the function of renal and urological tissue, such as the Creatinine Assay, Indoles/Uremic Toxicity Panel, and the Metal Cofactors and Toxic Metals Assay.

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