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We’ve collaborated with companies to deliver the devices designed for ambient-temperature storage and transport of human samples for metabolomic analysis.

The Need for Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices

The Need for Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices

Traditional sample collection and storage methods come with a variety of challenges. Human sample collection may require a clinic visit and invasive collection by trained staff. Flash or rapid-freezing is the gold standard, so the collection site may need to have cold storage on hand. The availability of storage can introduce variability to the sample testing.

Advantages of Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices

The ability to collect sample as home makes sample collection convenient for patients. Sample collection that does not require cold storage reduces sample variability and cost effectiveness.

Advantages of Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices

R Easy, private, comfortable collection

Improve patient experience and compliance with self-collection of high-quality samples, with no clinic visit or at-home sample freezing required.

R Validated for Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel

Our validation studies have shown these devices protect and preserve the metabolomic profile of collected samples at room temperature for Metabolon’s Global Discovery Panel.

R Supports a multi-omics approach

Metabolon-validated devices have the same user experience as other commonly used sample collection devices. This provides a familiar and tested method of at-home collection to reliably implement a multi-omics approach in your research.

R Metabolon study success

Sample collection tubes are barcoded for sample traceability and compatibility with Metabolon’s Study Success Sample Handling Kit. These are supported as a Metabolon Preferred option for human samples to achieve the fastest and most reliable results.

Validation of Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices for Untargeted Metabolomics

Existing at-home collection methods are either not-suitable or not-tested for untargeted metabolomics. Typical devices often use salts and detergents that are incompatible with liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Some may contain reagents that create unwanted reactivity. Any devices must maintain the metabolomic profile of the sample without a loss of sensitivity and accuracy. Metabolon validates at-home collection devices for sensitivity, precision, fidelity, stability and field testing. Validation ensures that the data generated from samples collected using these devices are reliable and accurate. Validation is essential for making informed decisions in research, clinical diagnostics, and patient care. Validation facilitates integration with our Global Discovery Panel workflow.

Validation of Small Volume and At-Home Collection Devices for Untargeted Metabolomics

Neoteryx—The Blood Microsampling Innovator

The Neoteryx VAMS device makes blood sampling convenient and efficient to collect and transport blood samples for testing, ensuring faster and more accessible analyses and diagnostics.


Whatman—Dried Blood Spot Cards

Whatman 903 cards are well established in clinical testing (newborn screening) and are easy-to-use and amenable to both at-home collection and easy laboratory handling.


DNAgenotek—OMNImet™•GUT Fecal Sample Collection

OMNImet•GUT (ME-200) is an all-in-one system for easy at-home collection, homogenization and room temperature stabilization of targeted and untargeted metabolites from fecal samples.

DNAgenotek—Omnimet GUT

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