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Neoteryx Mitra® Devices with VAMS® Technology, by Trajan Scientific and Medical, Validated by Metabolon

Neoteryx Mitra® devices based on VAMS technology make blood sampling convenient and efficient to collect and transport blood samples for testing, ensuring faster and more accessible analyses and diagnostics. We validated Mitra devices using analytical and biological validation.

Validation of Mitra devices with VAMS technology

Validation of Mitra devices with VAMS technology

Analytical validation ensures that samples maintain sensitivity, precision, and stability throughout the sample collection, preparation, and analysis. Biological validation confirms that known signatures in other sample types are detectable in a reproducible way.

Sensitivity and Precision in Mitra

Metabolon’s validation of VAMS revealed reproducible results within an acceptable relative standard deviation (RSD). For the Global Discovery Panel, 20 µL sample volume is optimal to identify the most metabolites using the smallest amount of sample. More than 90% of metabolites assessed had good precision between four technical replicates.

Sensitivity and Precision in Mitra
Stability of Volumetric Absorption Microsampling

Stability of Mitra

Samples taken at home need to be stable during the shipping process. Locations across the world are highly variable in temperature, so Metabolon tested sample stability at room temperature or high heat for several days. A stable biochemical response was confirmed for >80% of metabolites after 7 days at RT and 3 days in high heat for up to 20 µL. Stability was also maintained after three freeze-thaw cycles in all Mitra volumes.

Biological Validation of Mitra

For biological validation, we wanted to confirm reproducibility of a metabolic signature across sampling methods. We compared fed vs. fasted blood samples using Mitra, Whatman Dried Blood Spot cards, and EDTA plasma. The statistically different fed vs. fasted ratios in other sample types correlated well to those in Mitra devices.

Biological Validation of Volumetric Absorption Microsampling

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