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Nurture your crop produce by improving quality, yield, and sustainability. Identify crucial metabolic traits of desired phenotypes or elucidate mechanisms of toxicity by analyzing hundreds of small molecules within each sample. To learn about the outstanding examples of research in the field, please join our Lunch & Learn session “The Grass is Greener Where You Water It: Applications of Metabolomics in Crop Science” on September 8, 2021, at 12 PM.

In this month’s Lunch & Learn session we will discuss case studies on the following topics:

  • Deciphering Drought-Induced Metabolic Responses and Regulation in Developing Maize Kernels
  • Use of Metabolomics to Evaluate the Impact of the Two Herbicides Glyphosate and Roundup MON 52276 on the Gut Microbiota and Serum Metabolome of Rats

The 15-minute presentation will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. We are looking forward to seeing and engaging with you.